The Real Stephen Blatt.

Stephen and everyone who lives in his world was created to be a contemporary period piece. Living in a social media obsessed society their are references hidden and not so hidden throughout the series. Showing how not so far off we are from a comedic piece like this from becoming a reality.

 Series now streaming on Amazon Prime and Funny or Die. 

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THE REAL STEPHEN BLATT documents the rise to “Influencer” fame for unpopular 17-year old STEPHEN BLATT (Justin Long) after an accidental viral Instagram video. Interviews and flashbacks illuminate his quest for the validation of internet celebrity and the relationships with his friends and family he destroys to achieve it.


Phantom, an epic and passionate tale of murder, intrigue, and romance! Phantom tells the rich and beautiful story of how the Phantom (Erik) became the tortured figure underneath the Paris Opera House. Told with passion, emotion, and luxurious music, PHANTOM reveals the heart of this disfigured musical genius and his love for Christine, the Opera’s beautiful ingénue.

*Photography courtesy of Sam Fine Photography

Keith’s costume design elevates the show to a STUNNING place
— Tom Polum (Phantom Director)
Costume design was elaborate and perfectly captured 19th Century Paris.
— Frank and Irene Wallace (On the Valley)

A Chorus Line.

One of the longest broadway musicals of all time and a true showstopper. The characters portrayed in A Chorus Line are, for the most part, based upon the lives and experiences of broadway dancers. The show is dedicated to anyone who has ever danced in a chorus or marched in step...anywhere.

The costume design by Keith Nielsen evokes the era as well as the original costume design...
— Margaret Carey
Keith Nielsen’s costumes were a 70’s dancer heaven!

Anything Goes.

A brassy nightclub singer, a starry-eyed stowaway and Public Enemy No. 13 are booked on a transatlantic luxury liner bound for romance and laughter.

Every single outfit and there were lots of them for every member of the cast... was a masterpiece from the 1930s
Special credit goes out to costume designer Keith Nielsen for the fantastic job on all the costumes which capture the period of the 1930s correctly
— On the Valley
Keith Nielsen dressed the cast in costumes that could surely have been labeled “the cat’s meow.”
— Danbury News Times


Nicholas "Nick" Corkin finds himself in some hot water on his way to the top, can he overcome it and show people who he truly is?

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The Mustard Seed.

After the devastating loss of her family, a visitor from the past awakens a woman's heart and sets forth a chain reaction so strong that it moves even God himself to action.

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No Real Than You Are.

Through an exploration of one teenage OxyContin addict's life, this narrative short examines how the modern day opiate epidemic relates to Florida's dark history.

Keith brings fashion and costume design together; Fully creating each character in great depth and marvelously illustrating their development from beginning to end
— Hanna